Oh oh, Missed a Step!

Wouldn’t you think that I would learn from my own experience? I would think so, but I just caught myself NOT doing that! Not a good example.

Finding My Voice was My First Step
On my first post, I talked about how appropriate the exercise of “Finding Your Voice” was as the place to start developing a blog. I believed it then, and I believe it now. On my third post, I described an important client, the Tri-Town Teachers Credit Union and our efforts to develop and implement a content marketing strategy. I said then that a blog was an important component of that strategy and we hoped to get that going soon.

Tri-Town Apple blog
Well, that time is now. We are moving toward the regular publishing of posts on the “Tri-Town Apple”, (the name of their blog), beginning in September. Now, from my previous experience, I would have thought one of the first things I would do is work out the completion of my “Finding You Voice” outline, (part of that first post).

It didn’t happen.

Missed an Important Step
That was probably because our plan is to request and use content contributed by several professionals (e.g. financial planning, insurance, real estate). I anticipated working from their lists of the content that could be provided and developing an editorial calendar based on that material. The problem is that the professionals didn’t really know what I was looking for, and quite frankly neither did I. Why? Because the Finding Your Voice exercise and documentation had not been done.

That became very obvious to me after I began working on Finding Your Voice for the Tri-Town Teachers blog. There were a number of points on the document outline that I had not previously thought about or addressed.

My Takeaway – “Always complete a Finding Your Voice document for a content marketing strategy development, no exception!”

Work to Do
So where are we? I have drafted the Tri-Town Apple Finding Your Voice. Since I want to review this with the credit union team, I won’t get into much detail here (and you probably don’t want to read it anyway), but I will list 3 points that clearly we have to address as we go forward. They are at the heart of a content marketing strategy:

“What are the key needs of the audience

  • A financial institution to provide convenient, low-cost, full-service banking
  • Prudent family financial planning and execution
  • Assistance in preparing for the cost of higher education
  • Advice and service that helps them financially prepare for retirement

Are they looking for answers?

  • The assumption is yes, but we have little evidence or feedback that backs that up.

If so, where?

  • At this time we do not have this knowledge.”

Love to Hear Back
Is this an isolated experience, or are there others who have gone through a similar process? Am I right; are those last three points the critical foundation for content marketing? I’d love to hear from others.

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