Our Leads Group

Continuing the introduction of the “characters” in this story, today we’ll meet the Wilton Chamber of Commerce Leads Group (see Tri-Town Teachers Credit Union). This group of about 18 people, all members of the Wilton Chamber, have been meeting twice a month for going on two years. We have only one person from any particular line of business. The purpose is to foster lead generation, both within and outside our group. As you might guess, the group is made up of individuals representing small businesses. A few members work in a local branch office of a larger corporation. In that sense they too, are small business people.

Not Much Experience
As far as I can see, except for one other person, there isn’t much experience with blogging or using social media. For the most part, the members are not really doing what would be required to gain that experience. Yet these are the very people that can benefit greatly from even a modest initiative with these internet marketing tools. The problem, at it’s root cause, is time. They do not have the time available to learn what they need to know to make good decisions, and even if someone can make those decisions for them, they do not have the time to execute. For many the technical requirements are overly daunting as well.

The Group Blog
Late last year, I set up a blog for this group (see Wilton Chamber Leads Blog). I did this to gain personal experience helping a small business try their hand at blogging and to give the group members an opportunity to “give it a whirl”, to see for themselves that they really could do it. We’ve had some interest but not a lot. A big reason is that I didn’t stay on top of it by encouraging people to not only try, but to stay with it. Not only that, but we’ve had a number of new members join the group and they haven’t been shown the blog or how to try it.

I’m making a pledge to myself to reengage with this idea. Together with our group leader, who is a believer, I want to kickoff this initiative again. We need to show everyone how they can follow the posts of others and make their own posts. But more than just showing, I need to actively nudge individuals who seem interested and on the edge of “giving it a go” and then stay engaged with them as they “try their wings”.

A Time To Fly
Writing that last sentence reminds me of witnessing a nest full of young birds fledge for the first time. The parents were close by, calling and encouraging the young birds as they, one-by-one, left the security of the perch and tried flying for the first time. Miraculously they all made it!

It’s a stretch, but in a way, that role of being there and encouraging is my role here. That, and unlike the parent birds, actually lending a hand when needed. Hopefully, like the nest of fledglings I saw, our Leads Group will all successfully soar with new found marketing wings.

Has anyone out there had the experience of leading a group into blogging and social media? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience.

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