OK, OK, I know, I Need an Editorial Calendar!

I know it. I tell the few people I’ve been coaching about the importance of planning their blog posts with an Editorial Calendar. “Try to go out 3 months”, I tell them, “6 weeks minimum”. Their reply, “Yes, I know, but that’s hard to do”.

You know something, they’re right! I’ve been rolling ideas around in my head over this for a while. “Should I begin with a description of the clients I’m working with or should I deal with specific topics?”, I ask myself. So far, I haven’t heard too many clear-cut answers.

What’s a blogger to do? Well, what I’ve decided to do is produce a few posts, like this one, to learn a few things. For instance,”How much can I bite off in one post?” or “How much time is it going to take to produce a post?” Since there are very few readers currently, any damage control required will be minimal.

Already I learned a lesson. My first post last week, and its connected page, contained a list with sub-bullets and sub-bullets under them. No problem I thought, I had that in a M/S Word document. Just use the WordPress “Copy Word” button and everything will be cool. Wrong! at least for me.

The format got all screwed up and I had to create the lists, line by line. Maybe there are some tricks here that I’ve yet to learn, but my takeaway was, “Keep the sub-bullets to one level until further notice.”

I’ve known there are, and I’ve seen many posts about editorial calendars. I will dig into my “save for reading later” lists for suggestions, but if anybody reading this has a helpful idea, please, please send it along.

For those keeping score, this post took about 20-25 minutes, counting the erasures and retyping.

2 thoughts on “OK, OK, I know, I Need an Editorial Calendar!

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